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Condo Insurance Coverage

Owning or renting a condo is becoming very popular in the United States. Condo insurance is a type of home insurance but slightly different than traditional home insurance. The types of coverage you need are different when comparing the two. Condo insurance will provide you with the financial protection for your condo unit in case of natural disasters, vandalism, theft, or other types of damages or injuries occurred in your condo. After all, most of the time, if you buy or rent a condo unit, you will be required to purchase condominium insurance by your building management or association. partners with many condo insurance companies and independent providers in the United States. We provide a nation-wide service coverage on condo insurance, along with many other types of property insurance. By using our website, consumers can easily find, compare, and save money on condo insurance in a matter of seconds. There is absolutely no cost associated with using our services. All we need is your ZIP code.

Because the average size of a condo unit is smaller than the average size of a house, the cost on condo insurance is usually lower than the cost on property insurance for a house. This is one of the reasons why renting or owning a condominium is becoming more popular, aside from the convenience.

Typical Coverage in a Condo Insurance Policy

There are 4 different types of coverage in a condo insurance policy.

  • Property Coverage - This type of coverage protects the unit from damages or destruction due to natural disasters such as fire, lightning, smoke, hail, tornadoes...etc. Please note that coverage for floods and earthquakes are not included and will need to be purchased on the side.
  • Personal Property - This type of coverage protects eligible items within the unit from damages due to natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.
  • Loss of Use - If your condo is temporarily not in a living condition and you are required to live outside, this type of coverage will provide the financial coverage on the living expenses for the insured.
  • Personal Liability Coverage - This type of coverage ensures that the insured individual is not responsible financially for any damages or injuries occurred on the insured property.

If you are carrying a mortgage on your condominium, condo insurance will also provide the financial support you need if you ever become temporarily unable to manage your mortgage due to accidents, layoffs, employment cuts, or sickness.

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